Lovers of histroy and book fanatics are in for a new informative read as author Brenda Chambers McKean presents Blood and War at my Doorstep. This book will take readers on an informative historical journey through North Carolina’s history to witness the story of the civilians left at home during the war.

In Blood and War at my Doorstep, readers will learn that North Carolina citizens did not idly stand by as their soldiers marched off to war. The women worked themselves into “patriotic exhaustion” through Aid Societies. Civilians with different means of support from the lower class to the plantation mistress wrote the governor complaining of hoarding, speculation, the tithe, bushwhackers, unionism, conscription, and exemptions. Never before had so many died due to guerilla warfare. Unknown before starving women with weapons stormed the merchant or warehouses in search for food. Others turned to smuggling, spying, or nature’s oldest profession. Filling within the pages of this book are information from period newspapers, as well as mostly unpublished letters, tell their stories.

Through Blood and War at my Doorstep, readers will learn more of what really happened on the home front during the war. This book will aid genealogists researching women in North Carolina.